Theater Venues

Our theater venues include state-of-the-art Weill Hall, Schroeder Hall, Person Theatre, Warren Auditorium, and the intimate outdoor setting of the Alumni Amphitheater.

Weill Hall

Weill Hall can accommodate up to 1,400 attendees inside. Weill Hall is aesthetically modeled after Seiji Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood, including a back wall that can be fully opened onto the beautifully landscaped and terraced Weill Lawn.

Schroeder Hall

Schroeder Hall is a 240-seat cathedral-like recital hall, designed specifically to accentuate instruments, organ and voice in an intimate setting.

Person Theater

Person Theater can accommodate up to 475 attendees.

Warren Auditorium

Warren Auditorium can accommodate up to 212 attendees.

ALUMNI Amphitheater

Alumni amphitheater can accommodate up to 212 attendees.




Please contact us for more information regarding these spaces or for more information about our other venues.