How often do groups hold events at Sonoma State University?

We have numerous groups who join us for conferences and events each summer (June-August). Many of our groups return year after year.

What size of groups have you worked with before?

We welcome groups of all sizes from small to large and can accommodate groups up to 1,500.

How is Sonoma State University different than other venues?

We offer a unique experience with meeting spaces, dining, and accommodations all at one convenient location. Our hospitality staff is available to assist you in creating an event that will ensure that all of your needs are met.

What is included in the package rate?

Package rates are per person per night and include a bed space, linens, parking permits, meeting space, meals, and wireless internet access. Package rates are available with a 2- night minimum stay and greater than 30 participants. Specific spaces requested within these packages are subject to availability and number of participants. Note packages are only available during summer months (June-August).

What do the housing accommodations come with?

Overnight rooms are suite style accommodations with private bathrooms, single beds, and no air conditioning. All rooms are non-smoking and equipped with cable and internet jacks. Telephones, televisions and computers are not furnished nor shall the University provide technical support related to the use of these items. Wireless internet access is available upon request. No bedding, towels, or any other SSU property may be removed from Residential Community Suites.

What is the pricing of parking at Sonoma State?

Daily pass: $5 general pass and $8 reserved pass. Parking for your group can be organized in advance with Conference and Event Services.

What ADA Policies Does Sonoma State Have?

University policies ensure that persons with disabilities have access to all programs, services, and activities sponsored by the University. It is the obligation of the Lessee to make certain that the program it sponsors at the University is conducted in such a manner that it is accessible to all persons with disabilities. SSU residential facilities contain units accessible to people with disabilities. Acceptable rooms for persons with disabilities shall be provided at the same cost as those rooms contracted for by Lessee. To ensure that specific rooms are provided, please assess the needs of the participants with disabilities and inform the University a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the event start date of any special requests. Upon request of the Lessee, the University can provide contact information for local businesses where accessible technologies and services can be obtained.